Sunday, 30 November 2014

Our Inquiry Outcome!!

How to make a rainwater harvester
A procedural text by Teua
You will need.
  • pipe
  • nails
  • hammer
  • saw
  • timber
  • metal holder
  • big black drum
  • river stone
  • screws
  • trolley
  • hose
  • sand paper
  • show heading
  • roof
  • stand
  • sun
  • ruler tape

   What you do.
  1. you have to find some timber and cut it and then get some nails and a hammer  then if your finish you have to put
some timber up top because if you don't put they timber up top it will go down.
2. Trim the sides with a saw then nail the top timber up top.

  1. Put the stand up side down then get the trolley  then drive it to where the big black drum is then stack the stand of and put it up and
  2. Then get the big black drum and put a whole though the drum so that the water goes into it when it rains.
  3. Then get a hose and attach it to the hose  
  4. Nail it to the wall then put a bin on it then you are finished.

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  1. We like your black tank because we know it will help to make the water warm. From Nilay and Room7.
    You are great Sunsmart Scientists! From James and Room 7.


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