Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Julius Korey on Ernest Rutherford

My science book - a ticket to new learning.
A Blog Post by Julius Korey

My book that I read this week with my reading group was about four great scientists. In this blog post I will be writing about Ernest Rutherford one of the greatest scientists in New Zealand. There might even be a picture of him in your pocket right now. We are doing a science inquiry at the moment and I am really engaged in it - which has got me thinking… am I the next Ernest Rutherford?

Ernest Rutherford was the first person to create a nuclear reaction. Which is when an atom (a nuclear structure) is mixed with a subatomic particle (such as a proton or neutron) and it splits. He did this using his machine that he invented to fire alpha particles.

This all sounds very complex, like a complex sentence, but if you are passionate about something and focus hard on it you can do anything. Even split an atom.

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  1. Thank you for telling us all about Ernest Rutherford. We don't have his picture in our pockets right now, but maybe some day. From Shaniqa and Room 7.
    We hope you do become a scientist one day, we think you will be very good at it! From Ms H and Room 7.


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