Thursday, 6 November 2014

It's Conservation Week... here is what you can do!

 Room 17’s Summary of Recommendations for
Conservation Week 2014

Discover the world where you live

Throughout the week we have been reading and writing about conservation and sustainability topics. We are also learning to summarise at the moment, so here are a collection of summaries made into recommendations for the humans that we share this planet with.


Reason for this recommendation


Never ever put anything but water down a storm water drain.
I read that it can get clogged and it leads to the sea and it will kill the fish if they come in contact with it.
Don’t squash Bees
I read that less bees mean less honey.
Don’t destroy forests
I read that if we continue to destroy and burn our forests species of plants, animals and insects will be lost forever.
Keep growing flowers
I read that to grow more flowers so we can make honey and beewax.
Don’t kill Bees
I read that bees are responsible for pollinating about one-sixth of the flowering plant species.
Making waste
I read that rubbish is harming earth.When it breaks down,chemicals can release and pollute the ground.  
Stop Wasting Water
I read that more water we use, the less money we have to pay for bills.
Don’t use a lot of electricity
I read that if the more electricity you use the more you have to pay for it and the more energy it takes to make it.
Make your own honey
I have read that you can make your own honey and you can stop wasting your money, wasting plastic packaging and the carbon it takes to drive the track to deliver the honey to the supermarket.
Trained and competent captains and navigation officers for all cargo ships. Fully equipped ships with working navigation systems.
I have read that the captains of the Rena Ship caused the horrific spill of the oil because they didn't have any maps and when the system was going down they thought it would be fine “NO” it wasn't so make sure you be prepared before you leave anywhere.
Adriana and Julius
Don’t waste a lot of food
I read that if you have a lot of food don’t go and buy some more - eat what you have and save the energy it takes to grow it (and petrol it takes to drive to the supermarket)!
The Future
I read that people share earth with millions of species and the way we live could affect their living.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
I have read that people should reuse the amount of things that are made from trees because the more you waste the less oxygen.
Pick up rubbish and put it in the bin
I read a story where Jack and Kate chucked rubbish into the drain and it got clogged and it overflowed and they had to get a digger and pull out the rubbish.
Do not  pick flowers
I read that to not pick flowers so bees can feed and make honey and beeswax.
Leave cats inside
Cats kill more native animals than rats and mice so leave your cats inside so that they can leave our native birds alone!
Harnessing the wind
I read that the wind is a powerful force  we can also make amazing energy by being converted into electricity by wind turbines.

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