Sunday, 9 November 2014

Being Sunsmart is a serious business

Talking to a Melanoma Survivor
We phoned Whaea Emma’s Aunty and put her on speaker to ask her some questions and listen to her story.

What is Aunty Sarah’s Story?

  • She got Melanoma
  • She was 23 when she got it
  • She had a mole at the back of her leg
  • It all started with that mole
  • It wasn’t even itchy
  • She went to the doctor early
  • They had to cut the mole off
  • She was very lucky
  • she is a survivor

What have we learned from talking to her?

  • Cover up when you go in the sun
  • Don’t stay in the sun too long
  • Check the weather and be prepared
  • Check the UV rating
  • look after your skin because you only get one
  • Stay in the shade
  • Wear the right clothing
  • be careful in the sun
  • Don’t underestimate the sun
  • Check suspicious moles with the mole doctor
  • Any changes to your skin see the doctor

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  1. Thank you for your story, It has helped us be sunsmart. We like your tips for staying safe in the sun.
    We are happy that Aunty Sarah survived melanoma. We will always take care of our skin.
    From Room 7


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