Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Lolly Cake Procedural Text

How to make lolly cake

A Procedural text by Monica
List of Equipment:
Big bowl
small bowl
wooden spoon
cling wrap
snaplock bag {2x}
chopping board {2x}
can opener

List of Ingredients:
125 grams of butter
sweetened condensed milk
malt biscuits half of a pack
bags of lollies one half

Process (What to Do)

  1. wash your hands and dry your hands.
  2. cut one quarter of 125 grams of butter.
  3. put the butter in the small bowl.

  1. get half of the biscuits in the snap wrap and put in the biscuits and close the wrap and get the spoon and bang it on the wrap.

  1. get the boiling water and pour it into the big bowl then you put the little bowl into the big bowl until the butter melts
  2. get the spoon and mix it to help the butter
  3. open the banana lollies and get half of it on the chopping board cut them into quarters.
  4. get the small bowl out of the of the big bowl and pour the water out of the bowl.
  5. Spill the butter into the big bowl and the biscuits and the banana lollies into the big bowl.
  6. mix it altogether and try to crush some of the of the biscuits.
  7. wash the small bowl so it has nothing.
  8. use the can opener to open the condensed milk and pour half of the condensed milk into the big bowl and mix it until it is altogether.
  9. get another clean chopping board and get the cling wrap and put it on the chopping board so it is flat.
  10. spill the ingredients on the cling wrap the glad wrap over it so it is sticked together.
  11. make sure theres no holes then put another glad wrap around it.
  12. Put it in the fridge then eat it.  


  1. Can room 1 please have some lolly cake? :)

  2. You did a nice job on the poem. From James and Room 7
    We all want to eat the lolly cake! Thank you for sharing the procedure.
    From Room 7.
    We like the rhyming words on the poem. From Lorenzo and Room 7.


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