Thursday, 5 February 2015

Just the beginning!

Kia ora whanau!
Welcome to 2015 in
Room 17
in our year 4-6 whanau
Te Manawa
(the heart)

Our mantra for 2015 is
Learning from our past to lead the future
E puta ki Taiātea

Room 17 Day One 2015

Term One Inquiry
Keep Calm and Carry On
How can we deal with Conflict?
Inquiry this term will weave into the 100 year anniversary of World War One
We have started out by talking about CONFLICT and what this looks like in the playground, with our siblings, community groups and even countries.

Here is Major McGarry leading our morning drills!

Te Manawa Chant

I don’t know but I’ve been told
I don’t know but I’ve been told

Listen up, I’m gonna be bold
Listen up, I’m gonna be bold

Te Manawa teachers are really nice
Te Manawa teachers are really nice

but only if you take my advice
but only if you take my advice

Work hard
Work hard

Play hard
Play hard

Solve Conflict
Solve Conflict

that’s about it!
(all students stand to attention)

We have also had great fun creating and sharing role plays about conflict situations we have been in or could imagine being in (including a pretend conflict between Whaea Barb (Adi) and the principal of Bailey Road School (Levi) about which school is better).
Whaea Barb and the Principal of Bailey Road School
having a Conflict phone call.

Mum and Dad won't let Chiko go to the movies with his
friends because his homework is not finished.

A lamp is broken and Mum accuses the older brother while the younger  brother
sits back and says nothing (but it was him that did it).
Each week I have the honour of choosing a student to receive the Room 17 Principal's Award. Here is this weeks recipient.

Term One Week One
Cassidy McMaster
For stepping up, presenting and taking a leadership role in helping new students. What a fantastic start to 2015.

I also choose my STARS of the week on a Friday afternoon who get to write a blog post the following week. So you can look forward to blogging from Adi, Tevita and Sione in the coming week!

Have a safe and happy long weekend!

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  1. Happy new year Te Manawa! I've got a feeling it's going to be amazing in Te Manawa.


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