Friday, 13 February 2015

This is how we do Week 2

In this post;

Te Manawa - a special Whanau, Meet the teacher night and a start to softball!

Te Manawa - a special whanau!

Welcome to Week 2 in Room 17.
I am Sione and I get to tell you all about why Te Manawa is so special. We meet every morning to talk about important things like sports tournaments and remembering to wear our hats. Whaea Emma usually starts the Te Manawa Assembly but all the teachers are allowed to talk and some students get chosen to do different things - especially if they have done great learning. Te Manawa has all of the Year four, five and six students in it and we have 6 classrooms. They are Room 9, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17.
We are learning about about World War One and so we have an Army Major called Major McGarry. She is actually the new teacher in Room 16 and she is just acting like an army person (but we pretend we don't know). She orders us to do our training like push ups and start jumps. I really like being part of Te Manawa because we are like a family.
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Meet the teacher night

Hi everybody! My name is Adi Mafi and I went to the Whanau Evening! Did you?
How about that invisible sausage sizzle? Whaea Emma is sticking to her story that Whaea Barb told her there would be one... but I'm not sure. I think she just wanted the most parents and kids to come to room 17.
So instead of sausages we got ice blocks, but that wasn't the highlight. The Whanau Evening was MAGNIFICENT! Parents were shown around by their sons or daughters and got to ask all sorts of questions about what happens everyday at school. Also us students got to have fun in and outside the classroom.
That is your update from me.
See you later
Adi Mafi

A start to softball

Hi my name is Tevita and I get to tell you all about our term one sport! This term we are starting with softball training. Our coaches names are Tash and Mel. We train by doing relays with the different skills that we've learned on the field by the diamond. My favourite one was when the coach got us to get down low and become MONKEDILES which is a low down swinging snapping shape with our hands to catch the ball. If we could catch he ball we had to move further apart. In one of the games my partner was Richie and we were the winners and had to verse Tash and Mel.   
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The Week 2 Principal's Award!

Term One Week Two
Tevita Kaufusi

For listening to and carrying out all instructions, showing his passion for inquiry and writing his first blog with enthusiasm.

I also choose my STARS of the week on a Friday afternoon who get to write a blog post the following week. So you can look forward to blogging from Cortez, Kevin, and Gigi in the coming week!

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