Monday, 22 September 2014

The Treehouse Review

From the 13 to the 52 Storey Treehouse

A blog post by Liana, Nidhi & Julius

This is a book by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton illustrated it.

Andy Griffiths.
Andy lives in a 13 I mean 26 I mean 39 I mean 52 storey treehouse I think…
They have so many levels I can’t even count them anymore. Anyway, he lives with his friend Terry and together they write funny books.

Terry Denton.
Terry lives in the treehouse with his friend Andy. Terry draws the pictures and Andy writes the words.

Lets rewind all the back to the 13 storey treehouse. Lets go back WHIZZZZZZ WHOOSH BAAAAANG as you all know Andy and Terry live in a treehouse that gets taller and taller every book.  If you had are reading the book you
will see unlikely chapters like the MONSTER MERMAID
the VERY big  bubble and if you're not reading the 13 storey treehouse  READ IT!
Lets travel through time again ohhhhhhh lets go   
get used to this my stomach is downside up.

The top 5 dumbest things Terry has ever done in the 26 storey treehouse.
1. Tried to wash his underpants in the shark tank and they ate them.
2.Took his boa constructor to the movies.
3.Went rowing with his elephant friend.
4.Rode his horse along the beach and past the sign that said DANGER QUICKSAND.
5. Put jelly crystals (LOTS) in a penguin bath.
6. Tried to wash his underpants in the shark tank and they ate them.

Ok back to the story!
13 storeys later (robot voice)
13 more levels have been added now I can’t count wow um um um back to the time machine.

Andy and Terry added a trampoline without a net (Why no net thats so unsafe, well thats Andy and Terry for you).
Also a chocolate waterfall!, an active (not erupting now) volcano that is great for toasting marshmallows, an opera house, a baby dinosaur petting zoo, Andy and Terry’s believe it or else museum, a boxing elephant called the trunkianator (he can knock you out with 1 punch from his mighty trunk!), a not very merry go round, a X-ray room ( where you can see your own skeleton), a disco with a light up dance floor and a giant mirror ball, a high tech office and the most scariest roller coaster ever.

Lets jump in our time machine and go to the 52 storey treehouse.    
13 storeys later (robot voice )
The last chapter the 52 storey treehouse.
Now they have a caterpillar that eats anything in it’s path.
Here are some examples.
He ate 2 steam rollers, 3 rhinos, 4 inflatable wavy men and 5 giant mutant spiders.

Why have we been reading this series?
In Room 17 Whaea Emma reads to us after lunch while we drink our milk. It is hard sometimes to not spit the milk out because Whaea Emma does all the voices - including Captain Wooden Head. It is important to listen to and read stories everyday because it’s funny, you start to LOVE books, you can grow your imagination and crack up with your teacher.


Julius: I thought that Andy and Terry did a great job, they made the 13 storey tree house seem funny, immature and really really stupid.
Liana: I think that that was one of the most coolest books that I have ever read and I would definitely recommend it to other people also I love how everything is just so crazy if you have or have seen this book definitely read it!  

Nidhi: I think I like this book and this book is the most funny book have ever heard of.

Julius: 26 is just as funny as the 13 storey it is so funny you can die from laughter the 26 story that includes funny stuff funny Andy and Terry hahahaha.  

Liana: I think that  was a funny book but not as thrilling as the first and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Nidhi: I like it and i think it is cool and very funny.

Julius: I liked it but not as cool as the 26 not that cool.

Liana: I liked it and I think it was better than the 26 storey

Nidhi: I love it and it it is cool

Julius: It was really cool tune in next week because we haven't read the whole thing - but Whaea Emma has promised we will finish it by the end of the term .

Liana: I like this 1 the best of the series even though we haven't finished reading it and I would recommend it to everybody in the world!

Nidhi:I love it

Thank you for reading our blogging review.


  1. Please invite me to your next story time because it sounds like the place to be!!!

  2. I would definitely love to read that book!!!;O)

  3. I loved your blog post it stands out
    and it sounds like your class is having a good time with you


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