Thursday, 11 September 2014

Golf like the incredible hulk!

    like the incredible

We are going to blog about…


believe it or not these are ALL things you need to play Golf.

At Golf we learned that Sportsmanship is when you cheer for your teammates in your team and in the other team and don’t let them down to the ground
don’t think that you have a crown.

At Golf we learnt that courage is when you encourage others to try out new things that they haven’t tried before
so that they won’t get sore.

At Golf we learnt that Lorissa is so responsible because she always takes care of us and makes us feel like we are in HEAVEN we’ve not felt like that since 2011, and did you know that it’s a pah seven?

Courtesy is when you have to wait for your turn and use your manners like thank you, your welcome, please and excuse me and many more. Did you know that Lorissa did all of this for a 26 student classroom?

Honesty is when you always tell the truth and never ever lie then you will never will be disgusted and always will be trusted.

At Golf we all learnt that Confidence is when you stand up and stand out and don’t be shy or else you would become a fly, Bzzzzzzzzz.

A blog Post by Emily, Tavake and Sione


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