Friday, 12 September 2014

Te Manawa Dance Recital

Dance Recital!

Hi family and friends welcome to our blog post - hope you enjoy our Dance Recital Poem.

By bloggers Tavake, Sione, and Emily
Like the cows, 
they go moooooo!
Because we are so coooool! 
they meow! 
because the crowd is so loud and proud.

Nervous is true, did you know that,
Pacific Diamonds is my crew, and Dark Magic

is so magical they love to find answers from,
10IC is so cool that when their hot they like to go the Swimming Pools
I was so nervous we slipped on slime
And that was our dance recital time.

Thank you for reading our dance recital poem we appreciate you using your time to read our poem from our HEARTS.

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