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Inquiry in Room 17

Inquiry in Room 17

It’s a cat and mouse game,
always starts the same...

Here is our Inquiry Process - it makes it about what WE want to ask, about what WE find interesting… it makes it about US!
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Hello folks this is the AMAZING Monica, Ayen, Charlize and the only boy  of this blog group - Malachai. We are here to talk about room 17’s inquiry process. If you would like to know more about our inquiry well just scroll down and get busy.   

Art gallery

A recount by: Monica Samita

“Wow” as we walked into the art gallery then I saw something that was the scariest thing in my life and it was...

On Wednesday at eleven forty five am, myself and the kids that had been selected to go to the art gallery went on the bus and went to the art gallery with some adults too.

Next we had got to the art gallery and we all got off the bus as we walked up to the art gallery and we sat in rows of ten and we went inside and sat there as we waited for someone to tell us what we have to do and then we went off in different groups and we went and saw amazing dancing.

Then the year five and six played games and looked at some art works and talked about it and we tried to tell a story by using movement.

Finally we all did the haka as a thank you to and I got to say something. We
all had a great time.

Practise makes progress
by: Ayen Velasco

“No you go there!”
“No you’re supposed to be there”
getting into action
“WOW thats so cool”
“Positions!” Ayen screamed
so everyone went into their position
so did she
so we danced and danced all day.


10IC's time to shine  
by: Charlize Cairns

“Boom!” “It’s for 10IC’s time to shine now” Said Michty.  Then up goes 10IC getting into them positions and feeling confident but nervous at the same time.  Suddenly the music starts off. Tavake and Jayden start to move onto the stage five seconds later Eneio, Nikita, Sharon and I go onto the stage. We were the only group that performed a costume change during our dance.


Dark Magic  
By: Malachai Leaupepe Tulua

“No no no you're just too different
go off stage
you're not performing today!”
said Whaea Emma
so we all stormed off   
sat down
it was all an act
we proved them wrong
during that song
we are better

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  1. Thanks for sharing the Inquiry process R17. You are a class that shines and I so enjoy reading about all the amazing things you get to do.


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