Thursday, 26 June 2014

Workin' at the CAR WASH!

Car Wash
A Recount by Adriana and Ayen

“Ahhh sooo c-c-cold...” Have you ever showered in public!? Well we have, with clothes on!

On Thursday of 26th of June Te Manawa decided to do a secret plan for the staff of SPS because we appreciate the things they do for us.

First, we all changed into our spare clothes and quickly lined up and walked crookedly and got our rag and then stood in front of the car we have to wash. David ran to the tap to get some water and ran back slowly and splashed the water in the car and most of us got wet mostly Charlize “hahaha” thats all you could hear.

Secondly, we heard a dance coming along and of course it was room 15 doing a car wash dance. After we finished our first car we walked and moved on to the second car and started again! Charlize got wet again and so did Ayen.

Meanwhile, Jayden came and started taking videos of us so we kept on wiping wiping wiping all of the sudden Whaea Emma said “Team 3 go to the next car” so we did. It was awesome!
Finally, we finished everything and realised we had had a fun shower in public!

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  1. Wow! What a lovely surprise I got when I went to my car after school! It was soooo clean and shiny! Then I found a tag that said Thank you on it. It made me feel really appreciated. You are great citizens Room 17! From Mrs H
    It looks like you had lots of fun washing the cars. From Gemini and Room 7
    I thought you put in a great effort. From Kaleb and Room 7
    You guys are good citizens because you washed the cars for the staff. Excellent work! From Wendy and Room 7


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