Friday, 4 July 2014

I get to have the last word.

Teacher Talk

A portrait of Whaea Emma by
I feel very privileged to have the last word on our classroom blog this term. The students of Room 17 have been doing such an incredible job of writing and collaborating to create the blog that I feel slightly out of place and a bit lonely writing this by myself.
As you will see in this post they have been far too busy this week to blog.
We had a visitor all the way from America called Caleb. Caleb is an art teacher a bit like Whaea Dagmar and he is also her friend. Caleb asked us to draw two pieces of art for him. One was of what we would love to eat at our dream birthday party and the other was of what we thought an African Jungle looked like. He brought with him some amazing felts and colouring pencils which we get to keep in our classroom.
The really exciting part of this project is that our
 pieces of art are going to be part of an exhibition in Utah in America alongside the art of some american students who were asked to draw the same thing.
After the exhibition Caleb is going to send us back our art and we hope we will get to see how ours was different or the same as the students in America.

This week we were also given the opportunity to visit the classes of Te Roopuu o Nga Manukura (Rooms 14, 19, 20 and 21). They
 shared their learning with us. We learned about how to create a strong password, what to do if we feel if we are being cyber-bullied and which sites are for our learning and which sites are for personal and social use at home.

Making popcorn!

 On Thursday afternoon Te Manawa had it's end of term celebration.
Room 18 presented their play, Room 15 did their digital citizenship rap and car wash dance and Room 17 made popcorn for the 132 students and staff of Te Manawa. Then we had the premiere of Te Manawa's movie THE SECRET SEVEN from our day of seven actions of good citizenship.

Click here is view our SECRET SEVEN VIDEO.

As if this term wasn't amazing enough Room 17 won LEVI the assembly bear at the last assembly of the term for their fantastic behaviour. Some witnesses might say I did an embarrassing victory dance, I can't remember - I was too happy!
It means that LEVI will live in Room 17 for the holidays and we will get to sit on the seats on the stage during the next assembly.
 I hope that you have a safe and happy time these holidays. I will see you back, ready and rested for term three on Monday 21st July.


  1. Congratulations on winning the Assembly Bear! Well done Room 17 you earned it! We want to copy you and win him too. From Room 7.
    We are very proud of you for having your art go to America! Wow! We think it will look great! From Mrs H and Room 7.

  2. You looked after Levi well. We liked having him in our class too. - Room 1


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