Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Baking with Maria

Making scones for the blogging brunch with Maria
A recount by Liana Taylor

Today is the 24/06/14 and we just made scones with Maria!

First we had to wash our hands (what good chef does not wash their hands?)

Next we added the flour, sugar and butter and rubbed it together in our hands. We made sure that there was the flour mixture or it would melt in our hands instead of going into crumbs!

Then we got a cup and added 4 eggs into it. We whisked it so the egg whites and the yolks combined together. We made a mountain with a crater in it and poured the egg mixture in it and slowly pulled the side of the crater into the egg

Soon after it was a nice batter. We took a circle cookie cutter and made the batter nice and round to make the scones format we got to try a bit of the raw batter, it was really nice

After that we brushed a little bit of egg on top of all of them. Then put them in the oven to bake for a while. We were waiting for a long time for it to be finished. It was boring in fact it was REALLY boring!

Finally we got them out of the oven and helped to clean the kitchen and took them back to class with all the utensils as well.

It was cool and really fun (except the boring parts!)

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