Thursday, 5 June 2014

Our Tribute to our Principal

A new acronym for Whaea Barb!

Whaea Barb was awarded a prize from the Queen. She is now a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit. We didn't need the Queen to tell us she is amazing, we all think so too and here are two of our character descriptions of Whaea Barb.

A character description by Trent Veukiso
When you can hear someone laughing as loud as a dinosaur roaring, obviously, you can tell that it is Whaea Barb. She always laughs, which is a good thing. She smiles everywhere she goes.

Whaea Barb looks so young if you compare her with a 27 year old she would probably look younger. She also likes to wear red lipstick and has chocolate brown curly hair.

Whaea Barb is friendly, unargumentative, fully educated, and a very good principal.

Whaea Barb, whether she is in a good mood or not she tries to put a smile on for whoever she sees. She gives principal awards, and tries to do everything for everyone at once.

She makes everyone happy. I think (and so do others) that she is the best principal ever.

Whaea Barb
A character description by Charlize Cairns
Have you heard of the Principal of Sylvia Park School, her name is the AMAZING WHAEA BARB and she is a very caring  woman.

“Wooh!” look at that really really apple red lipstick on Whaea Barb’s lips and that brown bushy hair and what about her creamy soft skin.  Whaea Barb is a beautiful lady.

“Stop going to Burger King after and before school!” that is the sound of Whaea Barb’s brave and courageous voice.  Whaea Barb is a great role model she always does the right thing.  On Queens birthday she won an award from the Queen and now she is a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

Whaea Barb is our hero and she will always be our hero.  I think that Whaea Barb should be the next New Zealander of the year.


  1. It's this sort of wonderful writing that makes me look forward to coming to school everyday! I am also so proud and feel so blessed that you write such lovely things about me. It makes me want to work harder and try and do an even better job than I am doing. Thanks you all so much:)

  2. The principal awards are good! - Benson
    Whaea Barb is cool - Xaviar
    She likes the people who are listening to her - Koula
    Whaea Barb is good, that's why the Queen gave her an award - Lester
    Whaea Barb is a good citizen - Tui
    We like her - Makalita

  3. You must be a good writer Malachai. You might get an award for writing such a good description of Whaea Barb. From Kaleb and Room 7.


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