Thursday, 26 June 2014

Blogging Brunch was a great success!

IF YOU WEREN'T THERE... you missed out!

A Newspaper Article by Aifala

On Thursday 27th June we witnessed something amazing called the Blogging Brunch run by year 5 and 6’s in Room 17. Their plan was to invite heaps of people who did not know how to comment on Sylvia Park School blogs. Not only that, they served their customers with a scone and a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. If you brought your child or your toddler they put them in their baby centre with chocolate fingers to eat, trains to play with and colouring sheets too.

             ROOM 17’s BLOGGING BRUNCH

A Newspaper article by Trent

Three weeks ago room 17 had planned their secret seven action day by creating a blogging brunch.They got into three groups(marketing team, tech team and hospitality team).

They made invitations so that they could get working they also made scones with a choice of strawberry or plum jam and cream so that there customers were not starving.
They then made hot drinks so that there customers were not thirsty and so that they were nice and warm (tea with milk or sugar, coffee with milk or sugar, and milo with milk,sugar or marshmallows).

It was time their first customer was walking with three other people a toddler, a sibling and another sibling. The first customer looked happy but when her order came she looked like she wanted to stay and that was how it was for the rest of the day but a lot better.


A newspaper article by Mitchy

On Thursday 26th June, we had our Blogging Bunch. The tech team taught the uncles, aunts, mums, dads and grandparents how to comment on our blog and other classrooms. The Hospitality team made scones with Maria  the day before so we could hand it out to the visitors. Mitchy, Sharon, Areez, Mana was looking after toddlers in the toddler area just incase visitors brought their babies.   

A Newspaper Article by Justin
Three weeks ago room 17 and the whole of Te Manawa came up with a day called the secret 7. Room 17`s part of the whole thing was that we can make our school a better place for kids who want to come to Sylvia Park School in the future and so they can set a good example.

We had 3 groups and there names were the marketing team, the tech team and the hospitality team. They had to go into separate groups. We had to help the parents get on to our Sylvia Park School blog with 9 easy steps. We had to tell them all the steps then after they finished they were interviewed. We asked the parents about how their day was and what we could do better next time.


A Newspaper Article by Tavake

On Thursday 26th June 2014 Sylvia park School had it's day called ‘Secret Seven’. The Te Manawa team cleaned the school. Each class was doing something. Also room 17 was doing something just like the geek cafe. They have taught community members how to comment on their blogs. They have also served food to them to show their good citizenship. They have also been showing good citizenship by washing the teacher's cars. Room 12 gave them a loom band with a thank you teacher note on it to. We did all of this because the teachers always do things for kids and now its the kids time to shine.

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  1. Hi Room 17!

    Thank you so much for the lovely blogging brunch you put together for us and parents. I really learnt a lot from Jayden, he helped me to comment on my sons classrooms blog - thank you! I really loved the service from Malachai and all of the catering team and the fabulous job Danina did in making sure that my dishes were put away really fast so i could enjoy finishing my delicious Milo! I really enjoyed myself and I am looking forward to learning more and enjoying more scrummy food in the near future. Thanks. Ms Williams.


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