Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Netball is Neat, nifty and number one in Room 17!


We have netball training this term. We have it every Wednesday after morning tea and our couch is very nice. We do warm ups before we start playing and all participate and give it a go.
Written by Mitchy and Teua. 

In netball we have learned how to protect the goal and learned how to pass like a pro. Now we know how to run properly and have learned how to dodge the ball. this week we have been focussing on how to defend and last week we looked very closely at shooting. 
Written by Golpy

I am going to blog about the games we play. Pac man is a game that your class could play. First you have to get into two teams. Then one team is blocking the way to the other side so that means that you have to try to get to the other side but the team that is blocking can only go side ways, by side stepping. I got through by waiting until they were all distracted. Good luck for that game!
The tails game is a very active game. First half of the students tuck bibs into their waistband and then when the teacher says go you must protect your bib while others try to steal it. Whoever gets the most bibs wins. 
Written by Malachai

We have netball on Wednesday because there is a group of year 5 and 6 playing in a tournament on the 5th week of term 2. We like netball so we can practice and learn more more skills and we can win and maybe one day get a trophy. 
Written by Ahi.


  1. Wow, we love netball too room 17. Maybe one day we could play netball with you and you can do Get, Set, Go with us!

  2. I like playing netball with my sister - Jesse
    Your netball is good - Benson
    People who play netball are cool - Joelina
    Can you teach us the Pac man game? - Dustin
    You must be good at netball - Kyle
    Netball is cool - Armani


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