Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Term Two Week Three

Art with Whaea Dagmar


Top 5 reasons Chuck Close is a good Citizen.
  1. He overcame his learning disability and figured out a way to work around it.
  2. He overcame his physical challenges of being in a wheel chair and having limited movement.
  3. Followed his creative dream even though everyone said it wasn't the thing to do.
  4. He uses other knowledge like maths to help him with his art.
  5. He doesn't see himself as a role model or hero but helps other people to see that they can recover from something and get on with what they love.

Whaea Dagmar talked to us about
Chuck Close as a citizen and about
his challenges as an artist.
We spent time practising drawing
shapes and lines and learning new
vocabulary like vertical, diagonal and
We learned to be precise with
our mark making.

Whaea Dagmar photocopied a grid over our
photographs and then we used the windows like
light boxes to trace the outline of our faces
onto the grid.

Liana's work
Monica's work
I have chosen to colour my hair peach and brown because it is quite neutral. I think that crosshatching patterns symbolise our class being bound together - Liana

I used hot and cold colours because I wanted to show the contrast and I
used some patterns from my Tongan Culture to help me design each square - Monica

I used green and brown curved lines to show how my hair goes to the side - Sharon

Sharon's work
Emily's work
I used dark and light together for my skin because blue is a relaxing colour. Red and green make up my uniform because it is bright and similar to my uniform colour - Emily

Thank you for reading our blog this week. The students who contributed to this blog were Emily, Sharon, Liana, Monica, Trent, and Ariana. Special thanks to Whaea Dagmar for helping us get UP CLOSE with CHUCK CLOSE!


  1. I like Monica's face - Jesse
    I like Sharon's face - Dustin
    I like all of them - Benson
    I like Liana's face - Koula
    I like the blue on Emily's face - Armani

    We look forward to our turn!

  2. AMAZING work Room 17! When I get back from Noumea I'm going to come and visit your class to see your finished art works. I can't wait to see them all!

  3. Those look amazing Room 17. What a great idea. Love them and cannot wait to see the finished work :-)

  4. We are looking forward to doing art with Whaea Dagmar too. We can't wait to learn about Chuck Close! From Room 7

    We like the colours and lines you have used to make your faces! From Room 7


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