Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Jam toast on a cold morning!

The butter

Making jam toast together

The bread

You will need
1. Toaster
2. Jam
3. Butter
4. Knife
5. Bread

The bread is in the toaster
Putting butter on the toast

How you make it

1. Wash your hands
2. Put the bread in the toaster
3. When the toast pops up you spread butter on it with a knife
4. Spread jam on the top with a knife
5. Take it to the table and eat it.

Ernesto is putting jam on his knife
by Tale, Gizelle, Ali, Te Anahera, Jaunpablo, Gaby, Larkin, Rylee, Imran, Reuben, Wils, Nikki, Jaeda, Emma and Boston.
Reuben and Wils eating the jam toast

Tale is eating the jam toast.

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