Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Looking more closely at OUR part in the water cycle

Collaborating with Room 7 has been a treat!

We have joined forces with Room 7 to do our mini inquiry into a specific problem with water. When we were on our school trip to Panmure Basin Juanpablo asked if he could go for a swim and then he looked into the water and said NO THANKS!! This helped to shape our mini inquiry. 

Why don't we want to swim in the Basin? How did the pollution happen? What have the storm water drain outlets at the Basin go to do with all this? What can WE do about it?
We poured water and watched how the placement of storm water drains allow them the work

 Firstly we need to figure out how a storm water drain works.

We saw rubbish down the drain and wondered where it would end up

We enjoyed thinking and talking about what happens when water goes down a storm water drain

Next we planned, constructed and tested out our own storm water drain models. Check out the photos.

Awesome collaboration between these two classes of budding engineers and environmentalists. What a beautiful future we have before us with these inspiring children!

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