Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Young designers down to business!

Time to Design!

We have decided that painting the ground around the drains in a way that both juniors (visual) and seniors (a written message) will understand is the best solution.

So down to the designing!

We sketched straight onto a black and white print out of the actual drain that we will TAKE ACTION on then we used pastels to show the colours that we would prefer to use. It was great fun and some incredible designs and slogans have come out of the big ideas session. One that really stood out to us was Cassidy's 'Think before you throw, this leads to the sea you know!'

We will vote tomorrow on the best design and the best slogan and then write a proposal letter which will include the projected costs to Whaea Barb and the Board of Trustees.

Keep you posted...


  1. Well done Room 2 and Room 7! I love your colourful thought provoking designs that will help everyone to take action! Great work!

  2. Well done, super learning in action!

  3. The Board of Trustees really liked your proposal and are very impressed that you are working so hard to make our school a healthy and caring environment!


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