Monday, 17 June 2013

Drain, Drain problem go away...

A Pearler of a Problem

We understand now that we don't want to swim in the basin because of the pollution that makes it to the basin through storm water drains. It is sad but true and even at school we can see people have slipped chip packets down the grate of the storm water drains!
Last week we learned how storm water drains work and we even made our own with plastic containers as collection points and straws as the drains. This week it is our Job to research and brainstorm all the possible solutions that we can come up with to solve this problem.

We created a pearltree to help us to organise our solutions and research. At the moment the leading solutions are painting a message on the concrete around the drains to remind people and creating posters for each class to make people aware. We will keep you posted about how our solutions are taking shape and what we decide to do and why!

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  1. The Board of Trustees really liked your proposal and are very impressed that you are working so hard to make our school a healthy and caring environment!


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