Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Netball proves popular in Room 2!

Netball stars in the making

This term we are learning the skills and rules of netball with our specialist coach Shinear. She is awesome and helps us through bit by bit, so far she has taught us to chest and bounce pass and we have also learned some great games to enhance our fitness and skills.

Watch out he's coming to get you Masiu!

We love playing our skill games

Playing beat the ball

Te Anahera ready to catch Gaby's great chest pass!
We have been writing procedural text this term and so we wrote a 'How to do a chest pass' piece - below is Larkin's.

How to do a chest pass

You will need

1. a netball
2. a person
3. a concrete surface

What to do

1. You pick up the ball
2. You put your hand like a W
3. Push the ball to your person's chest

by Larkin 

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