Friday, 22 March 2013

Scary masks, making marks and a mid-week mufti day!

Term 1 Week 8

Inquiry Update

We moved forward this week exploring our second possible solution; Hiding behind the tree and jumping out to scare people who use the wrong entrance. What do you need to scare people? A scary mask of course!

We added scary features to our masks!
Beginning stages of our scary mask designs

We tried our scary masks out on Room 5.
Were they scary enough?

We tried out our scary masks on Whaea Barb.

Whaea Barb was so scared!
Having a go at jumping out from behind the tree!

Our latest A.F.L. Skills

Chest mark and high mark

Practising a digger action for making a chest mark

Emma getting her hands ready to receive
the ball for a high mark

Marcel making a chest mark

Masiu practising his chest mark

Gizelle and Emma making a chest mark

Buddy Reading with Room 11

Nikki listening closely

Tale commanding an audience

Building skyscrapers with the right amount
of floors for the number we have.
It was HAT DAY on Tuesday and we wore mufti
and hats and donated a gold coin so we can buy sunscreen
to stay super sunsafe.

As always stay safe and enjoy your weekend

Whaea Emma and the Room 2 crew


  1. wow what scary masks they made they must of frightened Whaea Barb and made her hair stand up way to keep the spirit up room 2 YEAH - Te Oriwa

  2. Now look here Room 2 - if you scare me again like that you will have to stay inside all lunchtime!!!


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