Friday, 15 March 2013

New plants, new skills and a new dance created by Room 2.

New plants, new skills and a new dance created by Room 2.

Week 7 Term 1

We planted new swan plants with Bob.

These will grow while the Monarch Butterflies winter-over up north and when they return there will be four new plants and one old one for them to lay their eggs on.

Wils is watering the first new swan plant
Bob is digging the hole.

We watched Bob dig the hole, loosen the roots, put the swan plant in and then fill the gaps with soil. then we got a chance to water the new plants.  We wrote great stories about it.
Bob is planting a swan plant. They are outside
 our classroom. We need to water them. By Tale

Bob is planting a swan plant. Bob is freeing
the roots. We need to water them. By Jaeda.
Bob is digging the hole then he planted
the swan plants. By Masiu.

We were inspired to create the Monarch butterfly life cycle dance.

Eggs waiting to hatch

Caterpillars munching on a swan plant

Changing inside their chrysalis

Emerging happily to dry their wings and fly off with
their friends.

We learned a new skill at A.F.L. 

This week we learned the skill of how to 'handball' with Rebecca our coach.

You hold the ball in your least dominant hand and have your dominant hand like you have just squashed an ice cream cone, then you squash the ice cream into the point of the ball with a slightly bent arm. Sounds complicated but we really got the hang of it by the end of the training session!

Marcel practicing and Tale ready to catch.

Gizelle has got her arm in the right position

I should have been ready to catch this ball instead
of being busy taking the photo!

Make sure you enjoy the sun with your beautiful children and maybe do a rain dance or two for the farmers. 

Whaea Emma and the Room Two Crew 

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