Saturday, 2 March 2013

Maybe it's a sign? In our own words...

Term 1 Week 5

New Students

We have two new students to welcome to the Room Two Crew. Bella joined us at the beginning of the week and Ali has joined us at the end. We are looking forward to getting to know you even more and helping you and your families settle into the Sylvia Park School Whanau. 

Inquiry Update

So as you know our big problem is students and parents using the Staff carpark entrance because it is unsafe. This week we brainstormed ideas for a solution and these are what we came up with

  • A New Sign
  • A duty teacher stationed every morning and afternoon
  • Reward system
  • Awareness Campaign
  • Jumping out of the tree beside the entrance wearing scary masks to frighten people away from the entrance.
We are going to explore each possible solution (yes, all of them - because that is what Inquiry is all about!), research it's viability and potential impact and consult with stakeholders.

So this week we have looked into a new sign as a possible solution. We took a walk to look at the signs around our school, what they mean and what shapes and colours they are. We came back and discussed what our thoughts were for our sign and have got down to business and started to develop our own designs. You will see these in a future blog as they are not quite finished yet.

In their own words

I have decided to leave it to the Room Two Crew to tell you what they were up to this week.

I am matching my capital and little letters. Larkin

I have my book I read at my house last night and
my word card. Tale. I am ready for reading group with Whaea
Emma. Imran.

I like the number train puzzle. Ali.

I am playing our new number bingo game.
I am counting the balloons. Gaby.
I am threading on my shoelace the sound of letters
 I know and I can say it for you. Imran.

I am putting my hand up because I have M mmm monkey.

I am counting the dots and matching
them in a line. Larkin. 

I am counting the ice creams, there are 9. I matched it
with it's number and it's word.  Jaeda.

I am making towers with Imran, the next
 one will have 10 floors. Emma

I am counting to see if I put 7 pegs on the 7 card.

Ten dots and number 10! Masiu

I am saying my letter sounds. Marcel

I am saying E. Gaby.

I am saying G ggg goat. Gizelle.

I am pointing to each word when I read so I don't
get lost. Juanpablo.
Have an awesome weekend everyone. Keep listening to your children reading the book they bring home to share with you each night. Repeat reading is so important, but not as important as taking some time out to relax over a book with your beautiful children.

Whaea Emma and the Room Two Crew


  1. Wow Room 2! You are working so hard at your Maths. Keep up the great work.

  2. I love looking at all of the creative activities that Whaea Emma has for Room 2 to practise their numbers and letter sounds!

  3. Yah Whaea Emma, i loved your exciting kids activities for numeracy and literacy. I will have to share this page with the parents I meet so they can have some ideas for at home! Well done!


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