Sunday, 24 February 2013

An imaginary camping trip, a giraffe and a big problem!

Week 4 Term 1

The current sign. Is is big enough?
Does it send the right message?

Finding out and catching out!

Some students that were snapped
using the teacher's carpark entrance
It has been all about ticks and crosses this week in our Inquiry. We undertook the second phase of our statistical investigation and between 8.15 and 8.30am we caught out 17 students sneaking through the teacher's carpark, 6 parents zooming in & doing a U-turn to drop off children, and 7 walking parents using the wrong entrance too. This is a big problem because teachers and other people working at our school (including the digger they are using to help build the new junior  toilets) drive in and out of here and it is not safe for people and vehicles to use the same entrance at busy times.

The pictograph we made to make our data
 easy to read and understand.

Presenting our problem to the whole school at assembly

The proud students presenting
We presented our problem to the whole school at assembly today. The four representatives spoke well into the microphone as the powerpoint we all worked on showed our photos, our pie graph and we revealed our problem. It was their first time on stage and they were very confident and proud. 

Now that we have completed the 'Finding out' phase of our Inquiry we move into the 'Taking Action' part of the cycle where we will seek possible solutions, research further, and consult with stake holders by taking those proposed solutions to the community consultation later in the term. It is so exciting to be even a small part of this whole school Travelwise inquiry where each class has taken on a little piece of the puzzle. 

Juanpablo ready to begin!

Starting to learn our school Haka

Listening to instructions, we are all very keen!

Great fun with Harold in the Life Caravan

This week Room two visited the Life Caravan and it was great! We learned about what things we need each day to help us stay healthy and then we each got to take our very own puppet friend on an imaginary camping trip up Mt Wellington.

Going up the stairs to meet Harold in the Caravan
Listening and answering questions with Jenny

We did some great learning INSIDE our classroom too!

Our new number stampers

Masiu and Tale working hard together

Marcel playing our new Numeracy game called ROCKET

Nikki and Jaeda fishing for numbers to 20

We hope you enjoyed reading our latest post, we look forward to your comments! 

Whaea Emma and the Room 2 crew


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  1. Wow, what a WEEK you have had Room 2!! Amazing learning happening in there!


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