Friday, 15 February 2013

Week 3 with a Pigeon and a Cat

New members of the Room Two Crew

We welcomed Te Anahera back from her holiday and we gained three brand new members to the Sylvia Park School Whanau and Room Two Crew; Imran, Larkin and Wils! Great to have you on board and it is awesome to see that you have settled in well!

Walking towards a safer way

Room one and two have started working together through our Inquiry and our question is 'How do we get in and out of our school safely?' We have been on a few walks around our school and have counted that our school has 6 ways to get in and out and heaps of hazards for us to watch out for. This week we focussed on the entrances on Longford street, there is one we should use because it is for people walking and there is one we shouldn't use because it is where the teachers drive in and park. So we decided to mark the concrete with a green chalk tick if it was a safe entrance for students and a red chalk cross for an unsafe entrance for students. Then we sat and watched from 8-8.30am the next morning to gather data about who used the teachers carpark entrance. It was very interesting. A lot of people were using the teachers carpark entrance to walk through into the school and to drop off children. We counted 26 pedestrians and one cat. We are not sure about the cat, but we have definitely found the problem that we want to solve; How can we get students and parents to only use the safe entrance/s to our school? Next week we move into the stage of our Inquiry where we explore all of the possibilities for a solution.

Our favourite story had a makeover

Our favourite story that Whaea Emma reads us at Inquiry time is 
DON'T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS on YouTube (click here to go to an adaption on YouTube). This week we changed it to suit our own school Inquiry. If the Pigeon was trying to get in and out of S.P.S. safely this is what we would say...
Don't let the Pigeon walk through the teacher's carpark.

Don't let the Pigeon walk down the kindy driveway.

Don't let the Pigeon walk to school without checking the driveways.

Don't let the Pigeon walk in the alleyway without a big person (or pigeon)

As you can see our Inquiry is well underway and so is our learning in Reading, Writing and Maths. Here are some photo's of the Room 2 Crew getting down to business!

Reuben can find the right alphabet pegs to make his high frequency words

Boston writing his numbers to 10.

Larkin ordering his numbers to 20.

Te Anahera locating numbers when her partner calls
them out and then painting over the pencil.

Emma and Imran doing their rainbow words
(going over their High frequency words in lots of
different crayon colours)

Gizelle making Pipe cleaner numbers and
matching them up with tens frames.

As always this week has been fun filled and full of new questions, there is always more to learn and we can't wait for next week!

Have a beautiful weekend
Whaea Emma and the Room Two Crew!

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