Friday, 1 February 2013

The beginning of our path...

A winning beginning with our best foot forward!

The room two crew are busy getting on with getting on.

Tuesday morning was a nervous time as we all lined up and waited patiently to find out which classes we would be in for 2013, and as the final names were called we headed off together to check out our new classroom!

This week has been about trying to remember all of the things that we have forgotten over the holidays and sharing all of the new things that we have learned during our holiday break.

Our school wide Inquiry theme for 2013 is 'Be the change you wish to see in the world'. This means throughout the year we will be focussing on creating change that will benefit ourselves, our school and our community. We are putting our best foot forward by starting in Term one with a very pertinent issue and that is the traffic and transport issues around our school. We are becoming a travelwise school  in 2013. If we want to get traction we need to take action so we are asking ourselves 'What is our path for change?'

Room Two has begun the 'Tuning In' phase of their inquiry by creating a pictograph each morning of how we get to school. It will be a very exciting term as we take action and create some change.

As we head off into the exciting possibilities of term one we want to make sure you don't forget that Room Two has an open door and we are looking forward to meeting you and sharing all of the awesome things we are learning!

Whaea Emma and The Room Two Crew

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  1. What a fantastic start to our '2000 & Extreme' year! Amazing work Room 2!


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