Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Production has begun

 Read this for an exclusive look at the production of 'Room 2 tells Ali's story'.

As a class we voted to tell the story of Ali's Journey of Change; his journey from Iran to New Zealand. It is an incredible story and we are going to strive to tell it as best we can. 

Our co-constructed storyboard - how we want our film to look.

The Next thing we needed to think about was how to film it and what techniques to use. Obviously we had some incredible ideas (as Room 2 ALWAYS does) and unfortunately it was Whaea Emma's job to rein in the budget from 'multi million dollar' set creation to 'how can we film this at school on iPods and iPads?'

The research began.

As always the students of room 2 have blown us all away and the decision has been made to make a stop motion animation movie using a black vivid, crayons, iPod, and tripod constructed from random things like cardboard tubes.

Obviously, like any major motion picture it is currently being filmed under a cloak of secrecy but here is one of the 765 frames shot so far.

We can't wait to share our finished film with you at the SPS film festival on Wednesday 18th of September.

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  1. Ali, what an interesting story! I really love your storyboard, I can see that a lot of work went into it. From Talea Dobbs.


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