Friday, 16 August 2013

New ways to learn in Room 2.

iPads are part of our day at school...

We are learning how we can use them, learning how to act around them and mostly learning that with new privileges comes new responsibility. 

With our awesome inquiry question this term (Lights, Camera, Take Action for Change! How can we tell a story about change through film?) we needed new ways to capture our learning. The Junior School has been lucky enough to receive new iPads for their learning in all curriculum areas. 

This week we really got stuck into using them to enhance our independent learning time (the time when the teacher is working with other groups of children and we follow up and reinforce what we have learned with the teacher by doing independent activities). 

Here is how it went and some of the student's learning and reflections.

I am recording myself writing and saying my skip
counting in 2's numbers on the Showme App. I shared
it with my maths group afterwards. Masiu.

We are 'balancing' numbers on the scale. On one side of the scale it has two numbers like 5 and 2 and you have to count on to solve it and then put the answer number on the other side of the scale, like 7. Squares maths group.

I recorded myself telling my story about getting a hair cut. I pushed pause and play when I was writing my story so I could remember the words I wanted to write. Tale.

I am listening to the letter sounds and saying them after and I can press it as much as I like because I am wearing the headphones and Whaea Emma can hear me saying it because I am saying it with my mouth (alphabet sounds App). Boston.

I am doing my maths and learning to keep my
finger on the number when I move it. Juanpablo.

I am counting on my fingers and finding the answer
for the iPad. Marcel.

I love the new iPads and we are going to learn more and more and heaps. Gizelle.

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  1. Too cool room 2! I can't wait for you to show me what you have learnt!


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