Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Lots of movie making learning!

Stop Motion Animation is no walk in the park!

Here are some things that we have learned about making a stop motion animation movie...

We checked out a shop
bought one.
  1. Make a tripod for your divice so that if you are taking the shots and they need to be aimed at exactly the same place each time you can get it right. 

  1. Then we designed and made our own.

    The first photo taken with our tripod.

  2. Mark the ground where the tripod needs to be and where people need to stand so that if you are making stills over days and days you can get it right across time.
  3. Always do a test shot and check it to see if you can get everything in the frame.
  4. Be clear about your stage direction because different people understand things differently.
  5. Be prepared for Stop Motion Animation to take AGES!! We have taken 1678 frames so far and we still have two scenes to shoot.

A mark for where Ali needs to stand

Be REALLY clear about your stage direction!
THE FILM FESTIVAL IS WEDNESDAY 18TH SEPTEMBER AT 6pm at Hoyts Sylvia Park. A notice will be coming home very soon! It is a red carpet event so get your awards ceremony outfits ironed and ready to go!

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