Friday, 13 March 2015

Week 6 - everything just clicks!

In this post you will read about us sharing our learning, improving an elephants smile, art, cricket and UV wristbands. Another full week of learning and what makes us smile in Room 17!

Shine and Share

Hi! My name is Emily, and I will be telling you about Te Manawa’s Shine and Share.
Yesterday on Thursday the 12th of March, all of the Te Manawa classes had a Shine and Share afternoon where they had to show what they have been learning about during their conflict inquiry and specifically World War One.
Classes all over Te Manawa had to split into groups and research their questions that they were wondering about. For example Who started WWI and who involved NZ? Then they had to work as a team and research together all the while thinking about how good the sources were that they were getting their information from. When they did all the research they wrote the answers in their own words and decided on a way to make a presentation to other Te Manawa students. I hope you liked it Te Manawa!
By Emily

Do elephants get toothache?

Hello my name is Cassidy I am here to tell you about when we made Elephant toothpaste as part of our Fun Friday reading activity. The ingredients were water, food colouring, dishwashing liquid, yeast and warm water plus the amazing and flammable hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you are wearing gloves. The first step is to pour the hydrogen peroxide into the drink bottle. Step two is to add the food colouring into the bottle. Then you separately add to a small cup the yeast and the warm water. Tip the cup of dissolved yeast and warm water in the water bottle and it will eventually have chemical reaction and fizz up. We think it might have been faster if the water had been warmer. In our ‘connected’ science journal we read about making a powerful toothpaste for elephant’s to use at the zoo, so we made some. It WAS a powerful cleaner but we didn’t try it out on any elephants! Here are some photos.
By Cassidy

Arty Smarty

Hey guys,

I’m Adi (Maedana has also helped write this) and I am going to be one of your blogging stars for this post. Did you know that every Wednesday morning we go to Whaea Dagma’s class to learn about art and to do some art? We had to copy an
image onto a Landscape piece of black paper - we also had to talk about hot and cold colours. Black and white were in the middle. When we used the colours to draw the picture we had to look at it from a Bug’s eye view and we had a little bit of help from Cortez’s Mum, Pops (Whaea Emma’s Dad) and Odette (Whaea Emma’s 3 year old daughter) this week.
Thanks -  Adi & Maedana

Our First Cricket Training

On Thursday, in the morning I felt like we were just going to be doing the normal routine. But during Te Manawa Assembly I saw a coach with cricket equipment heading up to the field. I said in my head ‘OK’! We had to get our hats, and that’s when I asked Sione ‘Are we doing cricket?’  and Sione said ‘yeah’. Yay, that is AWESOME. We headed up to the field and said Hi to the coach. After that we played a game called bowling soccer. It was girls vs boys. We practised how to hold the bat after our coach demonstrated it. We had a go at hitting the ball - I thought it was hard, but I tried my best and then I hit it and scored!
by Kevin  

! UV wristbands !

Hi my name is Levi. I am going to tell you about our brand new…
UV wristbands! On the first day of week six at Te Manawa Assembly Whaea Emma announced that her Dad had donated some UV changing wristbands. The wristbands change colour from white to dark purple depanding on how much UV light there is coming from the sun, and of course how much protection you need to safe from the damaging sun.  Every lunchtime teachers will be handing out 10 UV wristbands to students who earned it by being sun safe like by wearing their school hats and playing actively and without conflict. So every lunch time teachers will come around and give out the wristbands. Good luck!
by Levi     

WW1 inspired Moment in Time Writing

Doosh doosh boom boom BLAST!
As I get out of the ship I hear swoosh swoosh swoosh and as I look up it looks like guy fawkes - a celebration but really I’m in this war. Bullets fly past me trying to strike me. My friends lay not getting up in pain. It has already started. I feel angry this is happening. Inside I’m afraid, terrified and in shock. I might just fall on the muddy sloppy ground and say goodbye.
By Nia

Peuw peuw, fear strikes deep. I am frightened. As I hop on our boats, the turks run after us. I am scared of planes and submarines full of Turks over  and under us. I then see more than 2,000 NZ soldiers dead and wounded in the boats around me. Please just let us leave, sorry we ever came. I make it out safely and happy to begin the journey home.
By Opeti

I see bullets whizzing past my face. I see my mates dead or alive - I'm not sure. I can see a submarine in the distance. Hopefully when I come back the war is over for good.
By Cassidy

Principal's award

Term One Week 6

Nia Fepuleai

For helping others to prepare for 'Shine and Share' so that we could ALL be successful and not expecting anything in return.


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