Thursday, 5 March 2015

Week 5 and we are starting to thrive!

In this post you will read about team building and the first post by a new student in Room 17.

Learning to work as part of a team has been loads of fun!

My name is Cassidy and I have the job of telling you all about the start to our inquiry groups.
Leaders were chosen because of their skills of working hard, being a good role model and their honesty.
Some team names that we came up with were 17th battalion and 5th battalion, Dawn and The Soldiers.
My favourite team building activity was crab soccer it helps you use teamwork and figure out how to make the right decision.
We learned that
  1. working together doesn’t necessarily mean everyone doing the same thing. We all have to contribute different things to make it run smoothly.
  2. We are one - don’t blame OR congratulate one person for a win or a loss - it was the whole team.
  3. Someone has to lead. We need to listen and carry out the instructions of the leader knowing that at some time we will all have a turn at being the leader.
  4. Sometimes it is really hard but persistence pays off.
Here are some photos of us using teamwork and having fun. 
cassidy.jpgBy the amazing Cassidycassidy.jpg

My first blog post by Alio

My name is Alio and I am in Room 17 my teacher is Whaea Emma. I am a girl and I came from Tonga.  I like the softball training. I have a lot of friends in Room 17. My Mum is Tongan - she makes the best pork buns and otai. Yum yum!

Principal's award

Term One Week 5

Nesi Moala

For her fantastic GRUFFALO descriptive writing including words like gullible, disgusting and sarcastic.

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