Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What makes a strong partnership?

This afternoon Room 17 did some active research into what makes a strong partnership...

Whaea Emma got us to find a partner by working out without using words who was born in the same month as us. It was really hard! Next we went outside and Whaea Emma talked us through the obstacle course which we thought looked pretty easy - under tables, zig zagging through cushions and dodging water balloons on the ground. Simple, except there was one catch, one person in your partnership had to be blind folded and the other had to give instructions to get them through the course! 
We worked hard to figure out the best way to communicate the instructions which became more complicated as other students were trying to get through the obstacle course too. Some of us became very frustrated at the misunderstandings and ended up getting very confused, but some of us quickly figured out a way to do it fast for instance Ayen figured out that if she clapped in the direction that Malachi needed to walk this seemed to work.
 We did a lot of laughing and 

learning all at the same time. Here are some excerpts from our reflections.
Partnership means helping a person out - Angela
Having a partner is having a friend to help me - Teua
Being in a partnership is about working as a team and never giving up - Trent
Being a good partner means not getting angry and always being kind - David
Partnership means teamwork, honesty, helping each other and talking through the problems when they come up - Eneio
Partnership is working together, giving instructions and not getting angry - Sione
Partnership is working together, friendship and supporting each other - Charlize
Partnership is trusting each other, helping them and always playing with them - Emily
Partnership means you will always be happy because you will always be helped - Mitchy
Being my partner means you need to help me do something I don't know how to do - Mana
A partner is a good friend who needs your help too - Ayen
Partnership means I can trust him or her  and the can trust me too - Malachi
Partnership is about communication and helping - Aifala
You need to get along and relate to your partner- Monica
Partnership is team work and being fair - Tavake
Partnership is about being friendly and nice to each other - Liana
Really good friends are partners that you trust and they trust you - Justin
I can trust my partner - Danina
Partnership is teamwork, communicating, being a friend, trust, making sure I do the right things, they care, they are always there when I need them especially if I am alone - Adriana
Partnership is working together - Julius
Partners are friends and family who are about each other -Nidhi

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