Saturday, 22 February 2014

Reading Rocks especially on FUN FRIDAY!


The Crocodiles reading group read an article about a group of students making faces out of clay. Whaea Emma decided that we should have a go ourselves and it was awesome! We made salt dough from salt, flour and water and kneaded it for ages, then we cut it up into pieces all the same size and created our own clay faces using inspiration from the journal article. Here they are!



Every Friday at Reading time at least two of the reading groups will perform a play from the journal that they have been reading.
A director is chosen (it is someone different every week) and they allocate the parts and organise things like prop and stage direction. After lots of rehearsal time and a little bit of help from Whaea Emma it is SHOWTIME!
After we have performed to our audience we stay on the stage and they give us feedback, positive and constructive. 


The Tigers reading group read an article about students who created robots for different purposes. It was really interesting but not as interesting as what our follow up activity was! 
Whaea Emma pulled a huge bag of 'rubbish' out and we were given the task of making 'learning protector' robots. The robots that we created needed to have functions that helped to protect the learning in Room 17. 
After 40 minutes of discussion and construction we presented two learning protector robots to our class and explained their different functions including detector beacons and cork bullet shooters to protect our classroom from the learning bandits. 
It was an awesome fun friday activity!

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  1. Fun Friday and robots! It looks to be all go in Room 17! Whaea Emma and the 17ers seem to be a crack-team of educational exponents. Well done!


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